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Curved Line

  • location

    Mykonos, Greece

  • status

    in progress

  • gnb team

    Andreas Giovanos, Maria Vlachou, Charis Paraskevopoulos

  • structural engineering

    gnb architects


    gnb architects

  • licencing

    gnb architects

  • visualization


The island of Mykonos is renowned for its untamed natural beauty. Its unique Cycladic landscape and traditional structured environment are the main factors that attract thousands of visitors every year. The new structures are required to meet high functional and aesthetic standards. The successful integration of the characteristic elements of Mykonian architecture, combined with respect for the island’s natural heritage, is the key to a contemporary Cycladic architecture.

The project “Curved Line Residence” is a result of the above perceptions. Situated on an inclined terrain with pre-existing structures, the habitation is proposed underground, behind a curved single-line wall, overlooking the settlement of Ornos and the Aegean Sea. The curved wall creates coves that ensure complete privacy for the guests and recesses (tentacles) aligned with the view axis, enclosed by water element. Light passes through the interior of the excavated space through curved light conduits that emerge at ground level, creating a “garden” with sculptural elements.

The main material used is concrete with a final surface finish of rough white plaster, as a reference to the elements of Mykonian architecture, the weathered rock, and the poured pebble flooring in the outdoor areas.