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Lyo Suites

  • location

    Mykonos, Greece

  • status

    in progress

  • gnb team

    Andreas Giovanos, Maria Vlachou, Eleni Sklavou

  • structural engineering

    Kostas Katris


    Christos Georgakopoulos

  • interior design

    Maria Vlachou, Eleni Sklavou

  • light design

    Maria Vlachou, Eleni Sklavou

  • landscape design

    Maria Vlachou

  • visualization

    Lambros Papathanasiou

This study concerns the design of a 650.00 m2 hotel in Mykonos. The proposed rooms are a total of 10, including 4 small independent villas and 6 suites. The rooms are located parallel to the front of the plot, forming independent volumes, while public areas recede into the center of the plot. The entire complex has a southeast orientation, which overlooks the beach of Super Paradise and the sea.

The core principle of the synthesis is the creation of a complex of indoor and outdoor spaces of varying spatial qualities, as human activity occurs mainly in the countryside during summer. This is accomplished by designing sheltered areas, enclosed yards hosting outdoor showers or fully exposed areas in the sun and in the wind.

White plaster is used on the private areas’ building volumes, while stonewall building units host all public programs. This choice leads to the differentiation between common and private areas, as well as a visual harmony with the mykonian landscape in total. The perforation of white building volumes reminds the claustra technique and also the traditional mykonian dove cots. Such perforated façades allow natural light to lighten the interior of the suites, while preventing the tenants to be exposed to common views.

In the interior, sliding panels and a variety of perforated surfaces act as filters that allow or prevent visual contact between spaces and give depth to the interior of the room. Stone, plaster, wood, metal and fabric form the materiality palette of Lyo Suites’ interior design. White and earthy colors highlight the textures processing. The succession of such soft and hard materials, aims at a modern transcription of the island’s architecture that interacts with the existing landscape that surrounds it. All suites have a private swimming pool at their private outdoor area, while pergola structures meet the shading needs.

A wide water surface is found in the public spaces, contributing to bioclimatic conditions and aesthetic upgrading. Among the complex’s outdoor areas, a box made of wooden panels is outstanding like an islet in order to host the spa & wellness facilities. Thin but dense wooden elements create a translucent visual filter of privacy and play with daylight.