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  • location

    Mykonos, Greece

  • status

    in progress

  • gnb team

    Andreas Giovanos, Maria Vlachou, Ioanna Tzorva, Charis Paraskevopoulos

  • structural engineering

    gnb architects

  • interior design

    gnb architects

  • licencing

    gnb architects

  • visualization

    Spyros Boukas

The unique, wild Cycladic landscape combined with the strange plot geometry gave birth to the concept idea of this villa. Rock and wind are the only architectural elements used, everything else is completely unnecessary. These elements are in a constant harmonious interaction and unfold linearly along the plot, swirling, arguing, kissing, sinking into the earth and emerging again, until they finally end up in the sea.

All this choreography is done without the slightest imprint on the natural landscape, like a ribbon unrolling on the hill, like a viper that went down to drink water in the sea. The whole construction looks like it is resting on the space.

A consequence of the continuous linear development of the typologies is the functional purity. Boundaries have disappeared.

Basic material concrete, processed rock, with white pigment as a reference to the place, bare, raw to accept the wear and tear of time.

The same simplicity is followed in the interior as the objects are the absolute essentials, looking like they are resting on the space as well.