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Sea View Residences

  • location

    Mykonos, Greece

  • status

    completed project

  • gnb team

    Spyros Boukas, Alexandra Stamatiou, Ioanna Roumpi

  • interior design

    Alexandra Stamatiou, Ioanna Roumpi

  • light design

    Alexandra Stamatiou, George Skargiotis

  • supervision

    Alexandra Stamatiou, George Skargiotis

  • construction

    gnb architects, George Skargiotis

  • photography

    Andreas Bekas, Sklavou Eleni

This project refers to the conversion of two existing rooms to four independent. The suggested rooms are elongated and oriented to the sea view.

The basic design principles are the clearness and simplicity of the lines, the blending of earthy colors which combined with intense elements, emphasize the design, as well as the play of the light with the perforated surfaces.

The materials were chosen in order to provide coziness and create the feeling of relaxation. The sanitary ware was covered with marble. Black metallic elements and wooden separating panels act as filters that allow the visual contact between the spaces. The floor was lined with cement and linen and cotton fabrics complement the image of the space.

Emphasis that placed on the relationship between natural and artificial light and the physical elements of the design, formed the basis for creating an appropriate atmosphere according to the personal needs at any time of the day.

The aim was the final result of all these interventions to preserve elements of traditional island architecture and integrate them into a contemporary design.